The place

When the main house was built in 1860, some two and a half acres of the grounds were laid out as a park. Most of the trees that now exist were planted at this time.

The large reception room uses space which was originally a storage area for fodder – the original tiles remain in place – and a chapel dating from the XVIIth century, opening onto a terrace of 6,000 square feet.

Two small adjacent rooms are often used to allow small children to be cared for, or put to bed. They are equipped with a lavatory, wash basin and shower.

The former stables provide an area of 1,700 square feet which can be used for drinks and nibbles before meals when the weather makes it impossible to be in the open air, or for receptions for small groups. At one time the draught horses used on the farm were stabled there, together with the dairy cow whose milk was sold in the village.