Discover the charm of Domaine la Castelette

At the Domaine la Castelette you will enjoy exclusive access not only to the event space but to the large lush parks which were laid in 1860, the same year the main house was built.

The large reception venue, known as the main hall, is a combined space of the original storage area for fodder (with the original tiles still in place) and the old chapel, which then extends out onto the terrace and overviews the regions beautiful landscape. With a seating capacity of 200 guests and equipped with modern airconditioning and heating facilities, it provides a rustic warmth that is accessible year-round.

The main hall also has two small adjacent rooms, equipped with a lavatory, wash basin and shower, that are available as preparation rooms, carer rooms for small children or change rooms. Mattresses are also made available.

In addition, the former stables provide an area of 1,800 square feet which can be utilised (for instance in case of bad weather) as an extra gathering area, food service area or meeting/reception venue for small groups. In the past the draught horses used on the farm were stabled there, together with the dairy cow whose milk was sold in the village.

Please feel welcome to come and visit us! We are very flexible on the visits scheduleas Domaine la Castelette is not just a venue, it is also our home. Contact-us